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Create a job loop in 3 minutes and Looper will automatically search, match and apply up to 300 jobs/month for you.
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Looper, So Will You

Found my first dream job!Antigoni | Belgium
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"Looper gave me many job interviews based on my interest and eventually a very good job in the function I was looking for. Easy to use and you don't have to look every day again and again for new positions. Everything is done by the loop. Definitely suggested for upcoming users!"
Booked 5 interviewsKiriakos | Greece
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"Looper is a great tool. I booked 5 interviews and got my job in the marketing space."
Like it so far!SaaD | Pakistan
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"I uploaded my resume and it started applying to new jobs for me right away. I can add multiple profiles (resumes) and target the companies accordingly. It's a minimal effort on my end and it's working, as I've already started receiving the email replies. Definitely worth it!"
Fast, EfficientJJ | United States
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"Looper actually works. Their core engine works very well and is efficient. I expected to be out of work for months, but Looper got me a plethora of interviews and multiple good quality offers."
Awesome Tool!Timothy | United States
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"Since I registered with the program it has matched me with several great opportunities and made initial contact via email with several of them. It works!"
Super happy - 3 interviews!Christina | Greece
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"Looper helped me get 3 interviews in the first week of using it. I am super happy I found this tool. Highly recommended"
Best of its kindRasheed | Jamaica
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"It got really frustrating searching for jobs and applying manually, after a few days of doing that it got frustrating real fast. It automates almost everything that I'd normally before applying for jobs and can even automatically find and apply for jobs that match my qualifications, it's a game changer"
5 Stars!Michelle | US
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"5 stars for this amazing platform that literally made me land my first job. I used Looper while on job hunting and the whole process got automated. Every job application was made with high relevancy to my CV and my skills."
Just try it!Theo | Britain
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"I was trying for 3 months to close a job interview. When I activated Looper, in a week I had closed two interviews. I saved a lot of time and I was no longer anxious."
Saved time to focus on interviewsEve | United States
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"Through Looper I was able to get interviews with Big Tech companies without having to spend countless hours manually applying through their job portals. Thank you for the incredible tool!"
Time saving and efficient!Ellen | United States
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"Looper got me in several interviews at the time I was focused on writing my thesis as a university student. It saved me so much time and the matches I got were exactly what I was looking for."
Who is looper for?

Looper helps job seekers & freelancers
find remote jobs/projects 3x faster.

Job Seekers
Finding a remote job is hard, applying for them manually is even harder. You spend all this time perfecting your resume, just to get rejected by an automated bot. With Looper, you can automatically apply up to 300 jobs/month in just 3 minutes and watch those offers roll in 😎
Filling your pipeline with projects is extremely time-consuming, but also critical to your business. Plus, freelance sites take too much (~20%) of your hard-earned money! With Looper, just add the projects you want and we'll automatically apply up to 300 projects/month while you hustle 🤑

Get started in 3 simple steps:

1. Create Profile
After you sign up, create your profile and upload your resume. Make sure it's polished!
2. Customize Loop
Select the job titles, location (city/country), experience, type and more.
3. Chill, Relax
Looper will automatically search, match and apply to your jobs. Some may need more attention.
Key Product Features

Match and apply to your dream remote job on autopilot every single day

Personalize Your Loop

1. Job Search Criteria

Automate your remote job search with a few personalized inputs:

Customize Email Templates

2. Personalized Emails

Add your unique, personal touch so your automated emails stand out.

Advanced Search Settings

3. Filters & Exclusions

Exclude specific companies +  keywords and other preferences.

Looper Search Dashboards

Instant Loop Insights

Get overviews of your Loops and review all your job matches + applications

Improve Your Loops

Rate Your Matches

Rating your matches allows the intelligent automation engine to continuously improve  

Pricing Plans

Friendly Pricing, Cancel Anytime

Job searching is difficult and time-consuming. That’s why our pricing plans for Looper are extremely friendly for job seekers and freelancers. We’ve done our job when you don’t need us anymore.


Best for passive job seekers and
freelancers with a side hustle
$ 10 per month
  • 5 Job Title Searches (Loops)
  • 50 Auto Job Applications/Month
  • FREE 30 Trial With Code Below
  • Use Code: TryLooper


Best for active job seekers and
freelancers with a growing practice​
$ 20 per month
  • 20 Job Title Searches (Loops)
  • 100 Job Applications/Month
  • FREE 30 Trial With Code Below
  • Use Code: TryLooper


Best for active job seekers and
freelancers or small agencies
$ 30 per month
  • 50 Job Title Searches (Loops)
  • 300 Job Applications/Month
  • FREE 30 Trial With Code Below
  • Use Code: TryLooper
Best Deal

Got Questions? Here's Answers

We’d love for you to try it out on any of the plans to see how it would be valuable to you 🙂 

Simply use the code: TryLooper during checkout and you can try Looper for free for 30 days – no strings attached! If you decide to use it later, it will automatically charge your card. If not, your loops will stop working and you will not be charged anything.

What we call a “Loop” a single job search. The reason this is called “Looper” is that it works automatically on repeated cycles, in a loop 😃.

Looper collect jobs automatically every 2 hours for your specified job title and location. 

A Loop starts when we search a job board and ends when we apply to all the positions that match your criteria.
If the “automated email and application” selections are enabled, we will repeat the fully automated process of searching for relevant opportunities and applying on your behalf (either sending emails to companies or applying directly to the job application forms)

Of course! If you want to manually apply to jobs the Loop will still run but will not send automatically emails or submit any applications. The Loop will collect jobs, match your profile and will leave the final part to you so that you can select only the companies that you prefer.

Even in this case, Looper can still save you a lot of time while giving you, better control of the process. This can help you focus on learning new skills, see what opportunities are our there or focusing on preparing for interviews.

In the background each Loop uses your resume/CV and machine learning to extract valuable information from your resume/CV and find jobs related to your profile preferences and your previous experience. This ensures that the jobs are accurately matched to your interest and the company that will review your application will find your to be a good fit.

For any actions that Looper does, you will be notified through email.

Nope! Obviously, we’re a remote job focused community and the trend of many companies are going towards remote. Still, there are many great opportunities that exists as hybrid or in-person options. You can check or uncheck the box that says “Remote Only.”

Our algorithm prioritizes sending applications to jobs that are going to be a good match, not a spray and pray approach. This also protects you from being blacklisted from employers.

Also, emails sent are considered applications. In any case, Looper will always provide you a single place to manage all the jobs that meet your search criteria in platform. 

Variables are ways to dynamically insert information about a specific job in your email template. This way the email is personalized for each specific job posting so you don’t appear like a bot. In the current versions the available variables are:




{{ JOB_URL }}



You can use those variables in any place inside your email.

If you already have interviews or are in final states with a company, then it could make sense for you to pause your Loops for a couple of days. That allows you to prepare for your interviews and decide later if you want to accept an offer or start the Loop again.

There are 2 ways to stop sending emails or applications:

1) The first way is to completely disable all the emails and applications from the toggle button on the top right of the tab “My loops”

2) The second way is to disable only one Loop (applies in cases where you prefer to have some of your Loops still searching for a job).

To do that you can go in “My Loops”, and then click “Edit Loop”. Once you are in your Loop you can click “Next” until you find the screen with the title “More Settings”.

There you will find two switch buttons.

The first one will stop the automated emails
The second one will stop the automated applications

Yes! You will get a 100% refund if Looper isn’t working for you. You can also cancel at anytime.

In fact, if you’re cancelling our subscription, it usually is a good sign since you’ve probably found your dream job. Once you’re ready to job search again, don’t hesitate to renew your subscription!

Our goal is to help job seekers automate their job search and find a job faster compared to the traditional way of sending emails or applying manually every day.

Our team is always available to support you, so don’t hesitate to email us:

We don’t officially have a resume service yet, but stay tuned!